Can the Earth fate depend on Trump's sexual past? Sure. 

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Francisco Cesar Pinheiro Rodrigues

Can the Earth fate depend on Trump's sexual past? Sure.

There are almost no words to describe the mediocrity of American media and politics today, reading the “serious“ news related to the alleged attempts by the American president to silence, with money, two innocent maidens. One of them confesses to being a porn artist. Both claim that they had, years ago, “an affair“ with the impetuous billionaire before he became president. Before his election, Trump would have bought the silence of the “girls' because his leaps of fence, years ago, could undermine his votes. Received the money, the maidens are now being manipulated to harm the president who, trying to save his image, spends precious time dealing with a subject that could only interest his wife. The maidens claim they had a “case“ with the tycoon. Badly chosen word because “affair“ suggests sex mixed with romanticism, in which the mistress at least seeks to maintain an apparent loyalty to the married man. Without such near-fidelity of the “other“ there is no “affair“ if sex is practiced, for example, with girls of program, even for a long period. The danger of this imbroglio: Trump, trying to divert attention from the “scandal“, threatens China, Russia and Syria. Against this, now shifting a missile launcher to near the Syrian coast. Putin, with nuclear power, can fight back and the cake grows. Our planet burned by details of the lower belly.

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