Did wars lower genetically the intelligence? 

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Francisco Cesar Pinheiro Rodrigues

Did wars lower genetically the intelligence?

Some 25 years ago, in London, I heard from a very original and somewhat playful lecturer, an opinion that seemed logical to me, but little “egalitarian', which I had never seen mentioned in the press. He said that, on average, women in Scandinavia are prettier than English women because in ancient times, the Vikings, made periodic invasions in British coastal areas to 'collect' — by threat or force — the most beautiful girls who lived in besieged castles. As they arrived in great numbers, ferocious, their attempts were successful. The girls were not raped, but taken to Scandinavia to become wives of rude warriors. With this practice said the speaker, the set of genes responsible for female beauty were migrating from England to Norway, Denmark and Sweden, thus explaining the higher frequency of beauty among Nordic women, which seems to be a fact, though “Each to his own taste“. Reading the staggering number of dead soldiers in the countless wars in the planet, I can only conclude - by analogy - that the universal practice of sending just the healthiest young people to die in wars - sparing those rejected by recruitment - must have influenced the quality of the present human species. Regarding this issue, I have written a more detailed article, on Portuguese, which can be read in my blog (francepiro.blogspott.com). A new argument against the stupidity of wars

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