Hitler's visit to a mentally ill asylum 

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Francisco Cesar Pinheiro Rodrigues

Hitler's visit to a mentally ill asylum

Let 's said that when Hitler was at his very height in the 1930s, he came to know that in a certain asylum there were innumerable patients who were his fanatical admirers. More than two hundred marching, cheering and imitating him: square mustache, hair covering the forehead, uniform and boots like those of a portrait on the wall. Hitler moved, notified the sanatorium that on such date he would paid a visit to his admirers; and for the single fact of loving him it should be considered scientific proof of being fully healed of their psychological disorders. On the appointed date Hitler showed up with his security guards, armed with machine guns, because they said: “... given the circumstances well, you never know ...“. Before entering the hall, Hitler said he would do it alone, ordering his guards to come in only if he, Hitler, ordered so. The moment he stepped in, he was greeted with cheers from the patients, screaming and crying with emotion. Everything was wonderful until at one point a patient stood up in front of him pointed a finger at him and shouted, “This is not Hitler! Kill the impostor! “Immediately, the patients began to beat the Führer and fight with each other. Hearing the shouts, the security guards tried to save him, but they could not tell which one was the great leader. Relying solely on intuition, they spared the most likely one and shot the rest. Next day Hitler invaded Russia and declared war on the world.

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