Meirelles and Lula. How to explain? 

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Francisco Cesar Pinheiro Rodrigues

Meirelles and Lula. How to explain?

Since Economics is our main problem, how can we justify that Henrique Meirelles, being the most competent presidential candidate, with far better knowledge in theory and practice — and honest —, has such a diminutive position in the current intentions of votes, while Lula da Silva, the problematic candidate who knows nothing about the theory of Economic has the preference of voters? The low cultural level of the large electoral mass explains in part, the incoherence. I say in part because ignorance — our collective guilt — has a Siamese twin sister: anguished poverty, without financial reserves to wait for results from the logical but long term economic remedies proposed by Meirelles. This proves that “economic science“, based only on mathematics, is a half-science. It depends too much on whimsical psychology. A fitting phrase, a nice, popular way by Lula ? an astute psychologist ? generates more support than hundreds of pages with complicated rationale. I think that the economics applied in Brazil, at this moment may have a gap that the austere Meirelles needs to reexamine: it does not support sufficiently the power of consumption. Adam Smith, the founder of political economy, said: “Consumption is the sole purpose and sole purpose of all production'. Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate in economics, said that “no great economy has ever recovered from a major crisis through austerity. Lula knows this precisely because he has never studied.

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