Modern version of “The cicada and the ant“ 

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Francisco Cesar Pinheiro Rodrigues

Modern version of “The cicada and the ant“

Everyone knows the fable of La Fontaine, praising honest work and the need to save money. Therefore all that goes against this behavior can only result in repentance and misery. To illustrate his thesis, the French fabulist chose two insects, the ant — tireless worker — and the cicada, known for being lazy and to while life away singing. In the fable (updated), the ant advises the cicada: — “Friend, I speak for your good. Get yourself an honest job, think about the future ... “—“ Stop it! I know this litany! Sorry, I'm late for a show where I'll sing and shake my ass wearing just transparent thongs. Have you ever imagined what a spice up on my admirers? They will drool ... “. Saying that, the cicada flew away and the ant, continued sweeping the sidewalk sadly shaking her head. Long after that a black limousine pulls over. The chauffeur opens the door and the cicada appears, covered in jewels and wearing a mini skirt. He turns to the ant and says: “Do you not recognize me? — “How much luxury!“ says the ant, astonished. — “Not so much, honey. I must leave in a hurry because I'm late for my flight to Paris. I have a two million-dollars contract to sign. It was good to see you. I am pleased by your touching image of modesty, always with the broom. Goodbye“. — “Wait,“ says the ant, “Since you're going to Paris, look for that La Fontaine and tell the mother fucker to go to hell !!!

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