The cockroaches will inherit the Earth. 

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Francisco Cesar Pinheiro Rodrigues

The cockroaches will inherit the Earth.

Two cockroaches, Glutof a male and his lovely wife Kiti, are engaged in a conversation in their own language, in the sewage, while nibbling rotten remains of food.  

“Why such enthusiasm?''  asks the husband, suspiciously. He is skeptic, solemn, cult, hard shelled, repulsive, with the eyes of a focused owl. A nourished glutton, he looks like a date, dark and obese with slim but brawny and hairy legs - or whatever is the right name for its bristles. Fortunately, Glutof does not gain any weight on his small thighs, allowing him to go off at an incredible speed in moments of danger; particularly when hunted by the darned triad of men, rats and cats. The last of them, carousers which only kill for sport since they don't chew their victims. It's too disgusting for them. 

Glutof is proud of the brunette almost black shine of his wings, which he can vibrate with tremendous success, provoking a raving in the opposite sex. Although fat, he is a womanizer, or “cockroachizer', a word he intends to include in the first dictionary of the language of cockroaches, being edited with him as the coordinator'. READ IT IN FULL

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