The reason for the arctic cold spell in the US, despite the general warming. 

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Francisco Cesar Pinheiro Rodrigues

The reason for the arctic cold spell in the US, despite the general warming.

I daresay: henceforth it will continue like this. At least for many decades. On 07/19/2017 I wrote in the “500toques“, section Science, that the excessive cold that punished part of the US and Europe - despite global warming - was probably due to a modification of the Earth's axis caused by the accumulation of water in the oceans. This water - trillions of tons ? stemming from melting ice in both poles has not “disappeared,“ of course. It just flowed into the oceans. Because the Earth's axis is “tilted“ regarding the sun, thus allowing the seasons to alternate - and the distance between the Sun and the Earth remains the same - this weight increase in the oceans explains the reason why now, winter is being so icy in Europe. Trump, always hasty, did not remember that if part of the US is freezing, the north and south poles continue to melt. And the sea level rising. Strange that this explanation, so clearly logical, does not appear in the media. This phenomenon will remain for a long period. If global warming stops, the poles will slowly build up ice, but in the neighboring areas. The Earth's axis has already changed slightly in the 11/03/2011 earthquake, an 8.9 on the Richter scale in the Pacific, caused by the movement of two tectonic plates, with the power it is said of 27,000 atomic bombs. I just cannot specify details since I'm not a scientist. I use only common sense. Let's wait for explanations

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