Trump obeys “Bibi' 

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Francisco Cesar Pinheiro Rodrigues

Trump obeys “Bibi'

The most powerful politician in the world is not Trump, he is “Bibi' Netanyahu. To please, or obey Bibi, Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, defying a decision made by the UN. Not content, he forced small countries - Guatemala, Honduras, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Togo, etc. - to do the same or be subject to economic sanctions and extended this threat to other nations. Obama and Trump have always said “amen' to all requests made in person by Netanyahu. Fear of a slap in the face or a beating? No. The explanation lies in what Ariel Sharon once said when he was prime minister: “I don?t care what the American people think, I own the congress!'. He also said: “Arabs may have the oil, but we have the matches'. Votes cost a lot of money. When will the intelligent and educated Jewish people realize that they need to free themselves from Bibi's blackmail, constantly drawing attention to the “danger' represented by Arabs and Persians? This political “infection' is the primary source of terrorism exported to the entire globe.

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