Trump's attack on Syria proves his lack of judgement 

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Francisco Cesar Pinheiro Rodrigues

Trump's attack on Syria proves his lack of judgement

The worse came to the worst. Yesterday I said on this site that the Earth runs the risk of a nuclear war because Donald Trump could imagine something “incredible“ — he loves this adjective — for the purpose of diverting public attention to the number of news about his sexual relations before becoming president. For lack of space I didn't mention his trade war with China; his useless project of an anti-immigration wall which will cost many billions of dollars; his problems involving the Russian influence in the election, etc. “Brilliantly,“ Trump calculated - it would eventually be cheaper?— by attacking specific points in Syria, where there were chemical weapons reserves, he would get rid of the accusation of not fulfilling his absurd electoral promises. Probably before ordering the attacks, he warned Putin, at the last minute, to withdraw his staff to “not to top it off.“ Putin realizing that the crazy blond could no longer turn back withdrew his soldiers from the targets. Putin, Assad's loyal ally, can't passively gulp down the indirect insult. He will think about some kind of retaliation. Putin had insisted on an international investigation to ascertain the responsible for the tragedy. It is doubtful that Assad is so stupid as to want to kill Syrian children. With the destruction of the targets the investigation will be almost useless. Fortunately for all of us, Putin is wiser than Trump.

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